Clean Feed Records is an independent Jazz label operating from Parede, Portugal, acting globally since 2001. We aim to keep documenting our time in Jazz and Improvised Music by musicians and bands from all over the world.

For the last 20 years Clean Feed released over 600 original records of international and local musicians. Proudly we been watching our national scene growing in quality and quantity and Clean Feed currently brings out to the world ones as Pedro Melo Alves, Ricardo Toscano, André B. Silva, Pedro Carneiro, João Mortágua, Mário Costa, The Rite of Trio, Luís Vicente, Gonçalo Almeida, Susana Santos Silva, Luís Lopes, Joana Sá, Hugo Carvalhais, Mané Fernandes, Sérgio Carolino, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Gabriel Ferrandini, Pedo Sousa, Hernâni Faustino, Rafael Toral, Garfo, João Lencastre, Slow is Possible among others.

We can say that our mission is never accomplished with so many great young talents coming out and more experienced ones carving new shapes and sounds in their artistic work.

It’s also been a pleasure to release naturally so many records led by female musicians. In a time when the subject comes to the discussion often, we have regularly been working with artists such as Kaja Draksler, Susana Santos Silva, Eve Risser, Kris Davis, Angelica Sanchez, Mette Rasmussen, Lisa Ullén, Lisa Mezzacappa, Margaux Oswald, Patty Waters, Lyn Cassiers, Sara Serpa, Mia Dyberg, a.o.

Clean Feed has a steady team for over 10 years comprised of Madalena Borges do Rego, Pedro Costa, Travassos and Ricardo Leiria.

Our company’s name is Trem Azul, most famous for the record shop held in Lisbon for ten years, and besides Clean Feed, we also run two other labels, the ground-breaking Sshpuma and Trem Azul records.




Pedro Costa | Director