Festa do Jazz is the most prominent jazz festival celebrating Portuguese Jazz in Lisbon since 2003, promoted by Associação Sons da Lusofonia.

Each year, the festival invites jazz actors from all over Portugal to come together as a community. Festa do Jazz provides a platform for associations, performers, schools, and researchers to meet up, listen to concerts, and debate important topics and developments.

The principal focus of the concert programme is Portuguese jazz. It consists of two main pillars: new works by established artists, often collaborating with international artists; and emerging jazz artists.

Apart from the concerts, the national encounter of jazz schools has been a vital part of the festival: revealing great national talent in the earliest stages of their careers, before they graduate from jazz schools. The encounter also emerged as an effective strategy for developing new audiences and acts as an annual snapshot of the variety of students and teachers that contribute to and benefit from jazz education in Portugal.

The presence of Portuguese jazz labels at Festa do Jazz features established and independent Portuguese jazz labels side by side. The contribution of musicians and promoters as judges for contests, guest curators, or speakers in debates places them at the core of the festival. And by hosting so many different artists and styles, Festa do Jazz offers an excellent sample of the multidimensional, diverse and dynamic reality of Portuguese jazz and provides it with a privileged platform to build community and networks.




Carlos Martins | Director


Inês Lobo | Producer

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