Portugal Jazz is organised in four areas:

Creation: intends to stimulate composition and performance by implementing support measures for its members, namely attracting commissioned work, together with the proposal of guidelines for regulating the working conditions and remuneration of PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members.

Dissemination: intends to move forward with joint actions at the local, national and international level regarding the mobility of PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members and their work, seeking to attract new audiences and fostering exchanges with other countries through partnerships with similar organisations.

Education: aims to establish formal and non-formal education programmes, including coaching for students and teachers, planning the improve the curriculums and encouraging pedagogical collaboration between PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members and others in similar international organisations.

Research: aims to promote and stimulate new research focus on the past and present of jazz and improvised music in Portugal nationally and internationally, acknowledging its importance as social and musical practices within the contemporary Portuguese culture.